I spy… Pigasso

In Metro, 25 November

The Yay

Metro published this item about a rescued pig, Pigasso, who loves to paint. This is such a wonderful opportunity to expose the subject of factory farming and raise awareness of the terrible conditions in which these sweet, intelligent, sentient beings are imprisoned.

The Nay

  • The linguistics:

While the article is overall positively reporting on the pig and the sanctuary, it uses, probably unconsciously, lexical items such as: the 450lb porker, Mrs Lefson saved her bacon.

It demonstrates the degree to which ideologies, language and metaphors are embedded in our culture and reflected by our language. Although the pig is represented as a social subject, the author of the article uses vocabulary that is incongruent with the rest of the copy.

  • The social:

The only time animals get the floor in news items is when they ‘do’ something worthy of our interest. The fact that Pigasso can paint is entertaining to us. I thought the freakshow circus left town….

The author is willing to remove any content that may infringe on copyrights

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