I spy… Fishing for blame

In New Scientist, 3 December 2016

Invasive species[…] have been spotted in the deep seas of the eastern Mediterranean. The unexpected visitors were seen by remotely operated vehicle descending to depths of 1 kilometre in waters off Lebanon.”

How interestingly are marine life framed! Who is the real invasive specie in this story? How many marine lives are disturbed by humans unexpectedly  visiting the waters?

“These species are pushing out native species and destroying the habitat by overgrazing”.

This sentence, taken out of context could easily apply to humans. How many times over history have humans “pushed out native species”, massacring whole populations and cultures?

“Some rocks have now been stripped bare of algae”.

Where is the human agency in nature destruction?



One thought on “I spy… Fishing for blame

  1. The invasive species is not even a fellow marine animal. Yet, they interlope from the portion of the planet uninhabitable by marine life to ravage the seas with their voracious appetite for fresh fish kill. Meanwhile, no genocide has *ever* been committed by *any* ikhthýs (the Greek for ‘fish’).

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