Specialinguini: Animal Aid Christmas Fayre

On behalf of Hillside, the Linguini spent last Sunday fundraising in the Animal Aid Christmas Fayre.

While the event is a consumerist activity (the stalls all offer items for sale), it is primarily an event that brings like-minded people together. Contrary to VegFest, the Animal Aid Christmas fayre hosts mostly animal rights and animal charity groups stalls as well as vegan food sellers. The food in these events is always vegan, but may not come from a 100% vegan providers, so a little bit of research prior to the event is always a good idea: the the 2015 VegFest there was a stall of baked goods, advertised as vegan but I am positive it wasn’t. I googled them and could find no information about their enterprise.

Going to the event is a comforting break from the (daily grueling) advocacy – Hillside gets positive feedback and it’s a magical time to recharge on your positivity and belief in both people and the future.

However, the consumerist aspect of these events takes away somewhat from the overall positivity and good intentions. Due to the takeaway nature of the food stalls, so much disposable waste is generated: disposable cups, napkins, cutlery, plastic bags. This seems counter productive to the overall goal of the vegan movement – we cannot compartmentalise animals and the environment.


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2 thoughts on “Specialinguini: Animal Aid Christmas Fayre

  1. Agreed about the consumerist aspect. And yes, we also bought a lot of items at VegFest in London (and at other fairs).
    It is however very inspiring, as you also say, to be surrounded by so many like minded people (although of course I realise that vegans/AR advocates also hold very opposing views on many aspects, like eg effective strategies for vegan campaigning).

    I think such events can be truly inspirational, if they are coupled with lectures, like at the Pro-Intersectionality Conference in London last Fall. Although one can read all the articles and books about it, hearing the lectures in person, and feeling the positive vibe is the true upshot (at least for me).


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    1. Hi Trudi and Jim, thank you for the comment and the kind words. I completely agree, the positive atmosphere is very energizing, especially after having to write (mostly) negative and disconcerting papers and posts about animals/veganism. Having the vegan fairs and fests is a positive way to promote veganism. Unfortunately the name of the game is consumerism so we have to play it to win! Love your blog btw!


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