I spy… “I, Dreamy, of a w..equality”

In Metro, December 2, 2016

As in the report on Pigasso, we find in this item from Metro about a piglet in Sugarshine Farm Sanctuary, similar lexical choices that create a dichotomy between animals as sentient beings and a product:

Animal as a social agent

“Dozing contentedly on top of her friend Wally” – The piglet is described to be dozing, a short sleep that carries meaning of being in a relaxed, safe state of mind. She is relegated a social status as a friend and for a moment, she is on a par with other species that have already been given a higher status: “The Australian piglet seems to feel she has more in common with canines than she does with her own kind”. 

Animal as object:

However, while Wally the dog may see past specie differences, writers at Metro can’t just yet when they describe the piglet with this premodifier: Pint-sized porker Dreamy.


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