I spy…”Power flows through everything.” Trevor Paglen

Sociolinguini Blog

Beautiful nature resort or haunted amusement park  à la Something Wicked this Way Comes?

Neither. It’s creepy nonetheless.

It’s a listening station, located in the beautiful West Virginia forests.

I’ve recently come across the works of Trevor Paglen, who is not only extremely talented, but does so brilliantly what sociolings and ecolings desperately need: creating a link between a study that can be abstract and exist in its own bubble (of academics, in the case of sociolinguistics) and every day social reality.

Paglen gave a very compelling interview in Art Review (Nov 2016) (if you can’t get Art Review where you are, here’s a link to his website). Paglen’s work of Symbology, a totemic visual language, interlinks perfectly with the field of language and semiotics and illustrates my vision for sociolings and ecolings that I mentioned in my first post. (Although Paglen doesn’t use his work directly for activism…

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