New Book Review!

A book review I recently completed for the International Ecolinguistics Association’s journal Language & Ecology has been published and is free to download here.

The book is a literary work by Cecil Pineda who direct an apology to all living beings. In her work she draws from a vast cross-disciplinary domains to underlie the importance of inter-connectedness between all living beings, societal and political systems and the way we treat each other.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank all of my blog followers for your support, kind and interesting comments. I wish all my readers and followers, colleagues and friends a very happy new year in which freedom and liberation for all oppressed living beings finally comes.



3 thoughts on “New Book Review!

  1. Hi Mira,
    Thanks for sharing your review, it’s an intriguing piece in its own right and quite well captures Pineda’s theses and style. I quite agree with you on “collaboration over individualism” — particularly important in a toxic-to-the-planet political environment, a patriarchal horror show at the moment. If I do not recognize the names on a ballot I *always* vote for women, actually have for many decades now 🙂

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    1. Thanks Bill! Have you heard of Pineda before? Feminism for me is not about an artificial advancement of women but seeing people for their talents, skills and souls rather than their sex (or colour/religioun, etc)


      1. Hi Mira! You recommended it to me in a thread on Positive Discourse Analysis last April, now I understand why my comment struck a second chord with you. Additional reviews out there confirmed that Pineda’s work would appeal to me. It quite solidly does, so I’ve just ordered the ebook. Feminism does indeed recognize “talents, skills and souls.” 🙂

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