Exciting opportunity to study Ecolinguistics!

With the field of Ecolinguistics discipline growing in the past few years, so are opportunities for study!

If you are interested in undertaking a BA English you can now do so at the University of Gloucestershire with Professor Arran Stibbe himself.  The course has a lot of ecolinguistics and ecocriticism in it and it’s possible to join if you have suitable life experience even if you don’t have the usual school qualifications. I have been following Professor Stibbe’s work for some time (as you can see from my writing on this blog and my research papers!)

If you are interested applications are taken now and you can find more information at http://EnglishGlo.uk

Another exciting opportunity for a PhD Studentship at the University of Brighton, UK, and unfortunately only available to UK applicants. The topic is: Climate (in)security: Exploring how environmental security discourses affect climate change campaigning in the UK and you can find more information here:


If you are thinking about pursuing studies in ecolinguistics or sociolinguistics, please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more or have any questions! 


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