Welcome to the Sociolinguini blog where everything socio- and eco- linguistics is brought to the fore in an attempt to make those wonderful thinkers more mainstream and accessible to everyone. So much great stuff is tucked away in dusty, moldy academic libraries. I will bravely venture (with a face mask, of course) in there, read all those articles, summarise them and discuss them here with you. I am also a subject representative for human and animal studies for the Ecolinguistics Association.

I would love to attend all the sociolinguistics and ecolinguistics symposiums and conferences, report about the exciting developments and research back to the linguistics community but also to the public. After all, we all use language and their findings concern us all. If you would like to sponsor my reporting of linguistic conferences or collaborate on related projects, do get in touch.

When not blogging, I read, study for an MA in Sociocultural Linguistics at Goldsmiths, co-run the Animal Rights Society, and practice for the day I will become a professional animal masseuse . As you can see above, I LOVE pigs and volunteer at Brook Farm Sanctuary whenever I can. Rosie the pig loves maple figs 🙂 I also fund raise for Hillside Animal Sanctuary in VegFest events and Animal Aid fairs.