I spy on my way to #CADAAD2018… Integration support or gatekeeping?

The Times, 3rd July Although The Times is not my first choice of newspaper, it does provide interesting news and pieces to examine linguistically. Taking a free copy of The Times at Gatwick airport to read on the plane on my way to CADAAD (Conference on Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines)  (on which… Continue reading I spy on my way to #CADAAD2018… Integration support or gatekeeping?

I spy… 2017: The year of the chicken?

In Geographical Magazine of the Royal Geographical Society, April 2017 We can feed more people with fewer resources by eating plant foods directly instead of harvesting crops and feeding them to farm animals. We can sustain ourselves and lighten our ecological footprint, while minimizing harm to wildlife, by eating plants instead of animals. -GENE BAUR,… Continue reading I spy… 2017: The year of the chicken?

I spy… War creates life?

In New Scientist, 11 March 2017 The New Scientist reports a finding of rare aquatic life discovered in Hungary, in a crater formed by a bomb from the second world war. In this reporting we can find discourse that reinforces human supremacy and does not contribute towards creating ecologically driven stories that promote the construction of… Continue reading I spy… War creates life?

I Spy…Conscience Planétaire

In New Scientist, 18 February 2017 Humans evading responsibility yet again in this week’s issue of the New Scientist. Climate change is framed as the cause for animal suffering and extinction, while human destructive activity and crimes against the environment and sentient beings is backgrounded: “Climate change is already harming around 700 species of mammals and birds… Continue reading I Spy…Conscience Planétaire

I spy…A dog’s life

In Metro, 14 February, 2017 Animals are the hidden victims of war and violence, a fact often conveniently overlooked. Throughout the history of human conflict, animals have been used as military tools for war. As far back as 3 B.C., Hannibal famously used elephants to help him in his campaigns. Since then there has been… Continue reading I spy…A dog’s life

I spy… What do bats and monkeys have in common?

In BBC Focus, Feb 2017, p, 14,  and 16 Language. But as I will attempt to demonstrate here, it is only considered in relation to human language and derives its meaning and worthiness through the link to humans. So how is animal communication represented in the articles? Reductive ‘Just call it bat chat’. This is… Continue reading I spy… What do bats and monkeys have in common?