Lancaster University Corpus Linguistics Summer School Day 2

Waking up in the green ‘park’ campus of LU means that all you can see from your window are trees and the beautiful northern countryside. This immediately makes me want to get ready for another day full of new things to learn. And new they are indeed. After another hearty breakfast at the university ‘Market… Continue reading Lancaster University Corpus Linguistics Summer School Day 2

I spy… half the world away

In Metro, January 16, 2017 The striking juxtaposition of two items on two halves of the newspaper clearly exposes the values (or lack of such) of western society. The newspaper’s attitudes towards global issues such as immigration and migrants reinforce the us and them discourse and contributes to augmenting the distancing  between the west and the… Continue reading I spy… half the world away

I spy…”Power flows through everything.” Trevor Paglen

Originally posted on Everything socio and eco linguistic:
Beautiful nature resort or haunted amusement park  à la Something Wicked this Way Comes? Neither. It’s creepy nonetheless. It’s a listening station, located in the beautiful West Virginia forests. I’ve recently come across the works of Trevor Paglen, who is not only extremely talented, but does so…

I spy… Vegan in Vogue!

In Vogue, Jan 2017 This is the second time the Linguini spotted a vegan item in Vogue (the other being a vegetarian eaterie in London, written about as a vegan establishment). The article starts off with a myth buster: “If you think vegan beauty is reserved for the granola-munching and the barefoot, you’re sorely mistaken.”… Continue reading I spy… Vegan in Vogue!

I spy… Scientific sex offense -try saying that three times fast!

In BBC Focus, Dec 2016 – under the headline: “Five of the most bizarre science experiments in history”. Here’s a translation of what actually happened: What is says…                                 What actually happened: She lived with a dolphin = The dolphin… Continue reading I spy… Scientific sex offense -try saying that three times fast!

Ecolinguistics and Esther T.W. Pig?

I adore pigs! look at Esther – she’s so cute! Look at her little front teethies! She’s pigtastic! (as her dads would say.) *Squeee* If this is the first time you’re hearing about Esther T.W. Pig, I suggest you drop everything you’re doing, including reading this blog, and head on over to her facebook. What… Continue reading Ecolinguistics and Esther T.W. Pig?