I spy… Tent-o-nitis

In one of Israel’s leading online newspapers,Yediot Aharonot this morning. This is a section from an article titled: ‘What not to wear to the airport’. Amongst items on the list such as metals, difficult-to-remove shoes and the like, ‘wearable tents’ is the direct translation: wearable tents the meaning of which is neatly fixed by the image of the… Continue reading I spy… Tent-o-nitis

Cinelinguini: Arrival

*Warning: Spoiler. I am discussing and dissecting the film on all its social, political, and linguistic facets* Ever since this film came out, everyone who knows I’m a true linguini was asking me if I’d seen it. So I went to see it. A bit of peer pressure mixed with curiosity and a sense of… Continue reading Cinelinguini: Arrival

Analysis, Semiotic Analysis

A positive spin on espionage? (in The Economist, 12 Nov 2016) Semiotic (the combination of linguistic and visual signs) analysis of ads assumes that ads’ meaning are designed to shape our experience of reality. Barthes discusses the mythic meaning of the front cover of Paris-Match and showed that the signs and codes used to represent French… Continue reading Analysis, Semiotic Analysis

I spy… Scientific sex offense -try saying that three times fast!

In BBC Focus, Dec 2016 – under the headline: “Five of the most bizarre science experiments in history”. Here’s a translation of what actually happened: What is says…                                 What actually happened: She lived with a dolphin = The dolphin… Continue reading I spy… Scientific sex offense -try saying that three times fast!

I Spy…”Implants let paralysed monkeys move.”

Yay for science, right? Wrong! Then you read on: The spinal cord was severed on one side above the implant, and a second implant put into the part of the brain that controls the affected leg. This implant detected when the monkey wanted to move and sent signals to the device in the spine. Within six… Continue reading I Spy…”Implants let paralysed monkeys move.”