I spy…A dog’s life

In Metro, 14 February, 2017 Animals are the hidden victims of war and violence, a fact often conveniently overlooked. Throughout the history of human conflict, animals have been used as military tools for war. As far back as 3 B.C., Hannibal famously used elephants to help him in his campaigns. Since then there has been… Continue reading I spy…A dog’s life

I Spy… Gorillas and Trajectories

In BBC Focus, Christmas 2016 On p. 35 it is reported that coltan mining that make up smartphones in The Democratic Republic of Congo  is one of the major causes of the decline in lowland gorilla population, from 16,900 to 3,800. Jay L. Lemke in his article Travels in Hypermodality notes that the way we read… Continue reading I Spy… Gorillas and Trajectories

I spy… RATinitis pigmentosa

In BBC Focus, issue 302 Christmas 2016 Boy do BBC Focus know how to bury the lead. The story beings with a positive frame: “In a breakthrough that’s been described by researchers as the Holy Grail of genetics”, we can see an almost religious exaltation. The reader gets excited to learn more, but we should be cautious.… Continue reading I spy… RATinitis pigmentosa

I spy… Scientific sex offense -try saying that three times fast!

In BBC Focus, Dec 2016 – under the headline: “Five of the most bizarre science experiments in history”. Here’s a translation of what actually happened: What is says…                                 What actually happened: She lived with a dolphin = The dolphin… Continue reading I spy… Scientific sex offense -try saying that three times fast!