Some thoughts on cat cafes

(all photos in this post are courtesy of other people’s cats I’ve befriended on the street, and the lovely cats at the wonderful Sheffield Cat Shelter, where I am lucky to be a volunteer)  While this is not a linguistic post as such, it does address the issue of pets and animal rights, which I… Continue reading Some thoughts on cat cafes

Ecolinguistics and Esther T.W. Pig?

I adore pigs! look at Esther – she’s so cute! Look at her little front teethies! She’s pigtastic! (as her dads would say.) *Squeee* If this is the first time you’re hearing about Esther T.W. Pig, I suggest you drop everything you’re doing, including reading this blog, and head on over to her facebook. What… Continue reading Ecolinguistics and Esther T.W. Pig?