I spy…A Turtle Disaster

In Metro, 25 Nov 2016 (A big thank you to Hariod for the delightful pun <3) This is a short titbit in Metro (UK) from last Friday. It tells of how Prince Harry, visiting the Caribbean Island of Nevis, helped conservationists monitor turtle hatchlings. As a sociolinguist I ask: What is the aim behind this short… Continue reading I spy…A Turtle Disaster

Analysis, Semiotic Analysis

A positive spin on espionage? (in The Economist, 12 Nov 2016) Semiotic (the combination of linguistic and visual signs) analysis of ads assumes that ads’ meaning are designed to shape our experience of reality. Barthes discusses the mythic meaning of the front cover of Paris-Match and showed that the signs and codes used to represent French… Continue reading Analysis, Semiotic Analysis

I spy…”Power flows through everything.” Trevor Paglen

“We’re features of power. We can’t decide not to be a part of it. Power is what we’re made of. Power is relations with other people, trying to do things in the world”. Trevor Paglen


Too often I get asked: Socio-what? (or Socio-wo?, if you’re in London and a master of the glottal stop) what is it that you study again? It’s about time I start to refer people to read it up on my blog and get into the business of…